How to Have Casual Sex Whenever You’re in the Mood

Not so very long ago, if you are at home alone, if you wanted to have sex, you might have to open your little black book. This book contains the telephone numbers of those you can date for sex. Of course, though there are those in that book that are into casual sex, the others are not.


Set a date

When you contact one of those on the list, you might have to explain why you haven’t spoken to them for a while. Then, you’ll have to set a date which might be for the next day. If you are horny in the middle of the night, the chances of sex dating are low. You could try an app and increase your odds, but still…

Horny and alone

So the only recourse would be to open a magazine to look at pictures of naked people. You might be able also to watch a porn video. Just to get it off, as you have no playmate, you have to whack your dick or finger your pussycat until you come. Even if you are in the mood, you have to ‘set the mood.’

Setting the mood

In a 2017 published study in the Journal of Sex Research, 40,000 respondents stated that to set the mood kept their relationship hot. The passion that’ll keep the flames burning can be brought about by setting the mood. It may seem rather old-fashioned, but it does help ignite the fire.

A little black book online

Nowadays, you have a little black book online. You don’t have to be the one to fill it up with the contact details of potential partners. Apps for sex dates have a database of people who are ready and willing to get laid at any time of the day.

In the mood

Being in the mood for sex is an awesome thing. It means that the person that you will fuck around with shall get benefit from the fire that fuels your loins. The mood makes it easier for you to get a hard-on or become wet. When you’re in the mood, you might want to get a bit kinky and lather whipped cream on someone’s body to lick off.

Your intentions

Since you are in the mood, you do have to set the mood for the kind of sex that you want to happen. Though a surprise might be great, the other person might not want to do what you desire. It is best to get consent and be clear about what you intend to do. It’s a good idea to let the other person know what you want, so you’ll both be on the same page. After all, you both are in the same ‘little black book’ for sex dates.

Go on a sex date

If you are in the mood for casual sex right now,  here is what you can do. You can download one of the apps for sex dating. Then after joining, you can choose the person you want to meet up with to get laid, even if it is the middle of the night.